The EPX Board of Directors presented the 2006-2007 Community Service Awards for outstanding volunteer efforts to the following members at our June 4th General Membership meeting.

Anna Pittman for Membership//Margaret Kalalian for Planning & Zoning//Jeff Goldman for Clean & Green (Beatification)//Anthony  Wodjeciewski for Public Safety & Town Watch//Dave Rizzio for Community Relations

In addition the Co-Chairs of the Board honored two others with distinguished EPX Founders Awards.

Crystal Fritch, Esquire, the organization’s Pro Bono attorney who has been so instrumental in filing the Incorporation Documents for the Association, as well as assisting with the Federal and State Tax exemption process.

Cathy Caponigro who was one of the very first organizers of the small grass-roots movement that became EPX.

Each honoree received an award, smartly designed by Co-Chair Darren Fava, and a gift certificate to a local East Passyunk Avenue restaurant secured by Co-Chair Joseph F. Marino. Our thanks to Paradiso, Clementine’s and Chiarella’s for their generous support of our volunteers.

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