With the help of EPX Board, our Membership Committee Chair, Jo Cardillo, recently identified a “job description” for our block captains. EPX has struggled to define this crucial role and to fill all the posts for each street within our boundaries. So, starting with the October General Membership meeting, a comprehensive neighborhood grid showing current block captains and the streets in need of new leaders will be available and we will be filling in these vacancies.

Over the last year many people have asked what responsibilities come with serving as a block captain. Here is a brief list of duties expected from EPX Block Captains.

  • Act as eyes and ears of the block reporting zoning concerns to Zoning/Planning Committee and public safety issues to Town Watch.
  • Function as a “Welcome Wagon” greeting new neighbors, informing them about EPX, passing out “New Neighbor” information packets, including “Who Ya Gonna Call” list etc.
  • Serve as a liaison between EPX and neighbors by reminding them of membership meetings, posting flyers for meetings and special events.
  • Participate in block cleanups and encouraging neighbors to do so.

Now you know what’s expected of you and monthly you’ll see where there is a need for serving, no more excuses! See Jo at the membership table before a meeting and sign-up! EPX needs you.

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