At the February 4th’s General Membership meeting two special issues requiring active members to vote upon were introduced. These issues will be discussed and voted on at the March 3rd General Membership meeting

EPX Corporate Bylaws

The Board of Directors, through the Governance Committee, has reviewed EPX’s incorporation documents and have made several adjustments to our Corporate Bylaws. These changes are in keeping with the actual practices EPX has followed in the first 18 months of our existence. When the bylaws were written in Summer of 2006 many of the actual functions of EPX had not yet occurred. Templates, provided by the city and other civics, we used as “boiler plate” and tailored to what was expected at EPX. Now having lived with the document for a while we see where a few simple changes would facilitate clearer understanding of the bylaws and truer reflection of the officer’s and association’s actions.

Note: The proposed bylaw changes are indicated in red font in the document located here (link also found on the ‘About and Contact’ page of the web site). Changes have been made to the following: Article II, 1; Article IV, 9; Article V, 5; and Article X, 2.

EPX Boundaries
In addition, the boundaries of the association have come under review. The Board is requesting the membership expand our borders east to Eighth Street. Traditionally the area that is now EPX has had a number of names, however one item which has been consistent, from a historic city planning and parish boundaries perspective, has been that the eastern most border was Eighth Street. Both LoMo, the civic to our south and Passyunk Square, the civic to our north extend at least to Eighth Street with their eastern borders. In addition, a majority of the Board felt that when dealing with gentrifying neighborhoods it is always better to have more stable areas extend and incorporate them, rather than allowing less stable elements to encroach into established environs.

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