The Board of Directors of EPX would like to thank our great new friends at the St. Edmond’s Federal Savings Bank for a very generous donation of $1500.00. J. Christopher Jacobsen, Executive V.P. and Chief Operating Officer along with East Passyunk Ave. Branch Manager, William Fahringer have gone out of their way to lend financial and neighborly support to EPX efforts regarding our proposed office space at 1940 S. 13th Street. Chris and Bill will be visiting EPX at our September General Membership meeting, yet they have given us the check in advance!!! St. Edmond’s promises quite the presentation, but in the meantime take a moment, over the summer to drop by the St. Edmond’s Passyunk branch. You may also find St. Edmond’s online at their web site to learn of exciting new banking opportunities. Bill and Chris welcome to the stable of EPX VIPs!

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