July 2008 saw the next step in EPX opening our corporate office. EPX has had access to the space for several months and signed a contract in May leasing the property for $1.00 a month. This very generous arrangement is courtesy of the owner Senator Vincent J. Fumo, who also spent thousands of dollars repairing and upgrading the roof, electric, plumbing and masonry.

The interior had some clean-up and clean-out issues being vacant for some 17 years, BUT a little old-fashioned kitchen sense and elbow grease and the contractors started their work! Next up wall repair, painting and new ceiling and flooring which began today.

Followed by some “new-to-us” furniture donations and “left-over” art from both the auction and the flea market and we are set to role! New awning with EPX signage and some small bureaucratic paper filing, barring no other snafus, will see EPX opening our office in conjunction with the association’s second anniversary celebrations!

Special thanks, in addition to our good friend Senator Fumo, to our other friends at local bank branches; Beneficial, Conestoga and St. Edmond’s for renovation funding! Special appreciation to an anonymous friend who may be footing the awning-sign bill!

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