EPX Public Safety Committee and  SEPTA have worked together to address an issue in the 1800 block of S. Iseminger St. (Known to life-long residents as “The Oaks.”) This small, curved street that is too narrow for most cars has been a nuisance for decades. Over the years, the lack of house-fronts and limited foot/car traffic caused this dark “alley” to be a hang-out for many types of unsafe behavior by strangers and residents alike!  The second biggest problem, beyond the lack of routine traffic had been that at night there was no artificial light. The city was unable to place a street light on the block because of a technicality involving the light on the 1900 block of Iseminger at Mifflin. BUT thanks to EPX’s Public Safety Committee  and Councilman DiCicco’s office SEPTA agreed to add floodlights to two sides of their Mifflin Street sub-station and viola, one less darkened corner sees EPX “Lights On” For Public Safety!

UPDATE: SEPTA, at the behest of EPX, recently resurfaced the sidewalks on the 13th street side of the substation and repaired some pavement on Mifflin street as well!


N.B. This is only the beginning of a much larger project involving revitalizing this SEPTA sub-station. EPX with Department of Community and Economic Development funds (courtesy of Senator Farnese’s office) SEPTA and Murals Arts have just begun talks to turn this “sow’s ear into a silk purse”…stay turned to this web site for details!

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