The following is a message from the EPX Education Committee:

Thanks to McCall’s Michael Carrier for organizing this information:
Thanks to all of our hard work, City Council is aware of how strongly we feel about funding our schools. Now it is time to make sure Harrisburg is just as aware!
Calls need to be made by May 31, before the legislature comes back into session on June 3. If you know of Pennsylvania residents outside Philly, please forward this to them.
 First, if you haven’t done so, contact your own state
Senator and Representative
Next, if you follow the links below, you will be taken directly to the legislator’s home page.
Please call them at their district office and ask to leave a message along the lines of: “It is crucial to fund public schools in the Commonwealth.” (Explain that you’re calling from out of the district because of the legislator’s role on, for example,
the Appropriations Committee). You can also add one more sentence on how Philadelphia is making hard choices (union contract, city funding, etc.) but there’s no more fat to cut. 
If you want to involve your children in this process, these 5 (or 10) letters would make excellent public-service projects.
 Yes, I know this is a long list. If you can’t make this many calls, stick to the “three a day” format like we’ve used with City Hall and include the names that are in bold. 
But every legislator on this list needs to know how important public education is to our children and to the future of our state. Thanks for whatever you can do!
 Tuesday, May 21
Governor Tom Corbett  **Letter also
225 Main Capitol Building
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Senate Leadership
Dominic Pileggi – Floor
Leader (also Appropriations) (Delaware County) **Letter also
Jake Corman – Appropriations
Committee Chair (also Education Committee) **Letter also
 – Lieutenant Governor
Patrick M. Browne – Whip
(also Education)
Wednesday, May 22

Senate Leadership continued
Joseph B. Scarnati III – President
Pro Tempore of Senate (also Appropriations and Education) **Letter also
Michael L. Waugh – Caucus
Chair (also Appropriations)
Robert D. Robbins – Caucus
Gordner, John R. – Caucus
Administrator (also Appropriations)
Edwin B. Erickson – Policy
Committee Chair (Chester, Delaware Counties)
Folmer, Mike (Chair)
 **Letter also
Miscellaneous (Some of the most important Democrats…)
Hughes, Vincent J. – Sen.
Democratic Minority Chair, Appropriations
Dinniman, Andrew E. –
Sen. Democratic Minority Chair, Education
Roebuck, James R., Jr. –
House Democratic Chair, Education
Markosek, Joseph F. – House
Democratic Chair, Appropriations
Thursday, May 23
Tomlinson, Robert M. –
Vice Chair (also Education) (Bucks County)
Greenleaf, Stewart J. (also
Education) (Bucks, Montgomery Counties)
Samuel H. Smith – Speaker
Mike Turzai – Majority
leader **Letter also
Stan Saylor – Majority
Sandra Major – Majority
Caucus Chair
Mike Vereb – Majority
Caucus Secretary (Montgomery County) **Letter also
William F. Adolph Jr. – Appropriations
Chair **Letter also
Richard R. Stevenson  Majority
Caucus Administrator
Dave Reed  Majority Policy
Committee Chair
Friday, May 24
Rafferty, John C., Jr. (Bucks,
Montgomery Counties)
Smucker, Lloyd K. (also
Vice Chair, Education)
O’Neill, Bernie – Secretary
(and Education Committee, Subcommittee Chair on Basic Education) (Bucks County)
Petri, Scott A. – Vice Chair
(Bucks County)
Killion, Thomas H. (Delaware
Millard, David R. – Subcommittee
Chair on Education
Tuesday, May 28
Aument, Ryan P. (also
Christiana, Jim (also
Wednesday, May 29
Grove, Seth M. (also Education)
Thursday, May 30
Miscellaneous (esp. Montgomery County)
Clymer, Paul I. – (Chair,
House Education Committee)  **Letter also
McIlhinney, Charles T. – (Bucks,
Montgomery Counties)  **Letter also
Godshall, Robert W. (Montgomery County)
Harper, Kate (Montgomery County)
Kampf, Warren (Montgomery County)
Murt , Thomas P. (Montgomery County)
Stephens, Todd (Montgomery County)
Toepel, Marcy (Montgomery County)
Taylor, John  (Philadelphia
Friday, May 31
Bucks/Delaware Counties
DiGirolamo, Gene (Bucks County)
Farry, Frank A. (Bucks County)
Quinn, Marguerite (Bucks County)
Watson, Katharine M. (Bucks County)
Barrar, Stephen (Delaware County)
Hackett, Joseph T (Delaware County)
Miccarelli, Nicholas A (Delaware County)
Nicholas A
 (Delaware County)

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