The EPX October General Membership meeting will include a call for nominations for 2008 Board of Directors.

The EPX bylaws provide for open nominations from the floor by voting members in good standing. Elections, if contested, will take place following the November General Membership meeting and the Board of Directors will re-define itself for the 2008 calendar year. Current board members will serve out their terms until the end of 2007. As noted in the Election Protocols, currently serving board members may be re-elected. Members are not elected to specific posts on the board, but rather to the board itself which selects its own officers, committee chairs, and At-Large representatives.

Election protocols can be found on the “About” page of our web site, under “EPX Governance Documents”.

EPX was awarded a grant from the Philadelphia Activities Fund in the amount of $2500.00 to be used for support of our ongoing programs. These programs are in keeping with our educational and charitable work as a 501(c)(3) federally tax exempt organization. The grant was awarded on July 1st and we received written notification just this week, however we are still awaiting the check. Special thanks to D’Arcy Webb, our Recording Secretary who edited the application and to Millie Ruffino, our Treasurer who will serve as grant administrator with co-chair and application author Joseph F. Marino.

Last evening at the very well attended (50+) first “EPX Happy Hour” at Paradiso several regular post readers wondered if they were missing any Association news. Well, although we have taken the summer off from our very busy meeting schedules the Board of EPX is still hard at work planning for the near future. Here are a few items in the works. Continue reading