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East Passyunk Crossing Civic
Association Co-Sponsors English As A
Second Language Program

Anna Reed, Chair of Outreach and Events of
East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association (pictured
with ESL students below), recently paid a visit to one of
United Communities’ English As A Second Language
EPX is a proud co-sponsor of the program providing
much needed books and learning materials for the
students. Anna stated, “East Passyunk Crossing Civic
Association (EPX) has made it a priority to include and
help everyone in our community. Part of what makes our
neighborhood so vibrant and strong is the large immigrant
population, so sponsoring an ESL class seems like a
perfect fit for us. Foreign languages have always been a
passion of mine so it was fun to see learning from the
other side. The students were all enthusiastic and the
teacher kept the class moving forward and based in real
life situations. What I enjoyed most about my visit was
seeing the students help each other. This resonated with
me because it seemed to exemplify what EPX is about:
working and helping each other achieve a common goal.”


SAVE THE DATE! Thursday, May 9th from 6-9 p.m. come and join your EPX neighbors at Rita’s Water-Ice on East Passyunk Avenue! Invite everyone you know because the more water-ice, and other goodies, we eat the more EPX gets as a donation from Rita’s!!! We are promised a beautiful evening of spring weather and lots of fun as the entire ‘hood (plus our family and friends) descends on Rita’s. Show your EPX Spirit by bringing a crowd and remember there are plenty of fat-free and sugar free options as well.  Who knows you might even spy a familiar EPX Co-Chair scooping your favorite treat!!!