Thursday, January 25th saw 80 people from several South Philly community groups gather at the Palumbo’s Community Center to hear about current efforts underway to make recycling easier and more widely adopted in our neighborhoods.

RecycleNOW representative and volunteer co-ordinator Maurice Sampson talked about the steps needed to have weekly single-stream recycling become a reality in our city and especially in our neighborhoods. (Single-stream recycling means all paper, glass, plastic, and organic would be collected at curbside.) Pilot projects for Chestnut Hill and West Oak Lane have seen 90% recycling rates versus the average 5% of the remainder of the city without this sort of recycling pickup service.

The organizing committee for the South Philly chapter of RecycleNOW is being spearheaded by Continue reading

A hearing to renew NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination Systems) permits from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for the Philadelphia Water Department (PWD) was held at Fels Family Center on 1/23. Some 40 people, including representatives from PWD and PA Dept of Environmental Protection and a dozen neighbors, were present. Continue reading

On Friday, January 19th mayor John F. Street welcomed roughly 1,000 Philadelphians to discuss public safety issues. Along with many presenters from every aspect of urban life; government agencies, non-profits, social services providers and religious institutions were members of several town watch and civic associations including EPX. We learned of the city’s strategic plans to help ameliorate violence in 2007. Continue reading

On Tuesday, January 23rd at 7pm in the Fels South Philadelphia Family Center (2407 South Broad Street) the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is holding a public hearing regarding the proposed reauthorization of the Philadelphia Water Department’s (PWD) Clean Water Act pollution permit.

Please come to the meeting to ask DEP to address some of these issues, and let your friends, family and neighbors know to get the word out. Continue reading

In addition to the officer and committee reports which inform our membership on the progress of the Association, there is another great reason to attend these meetings: monthly presentations by city, corporate and non-profit organizations which give us opportunities to improve our way of living.

What you’ve missed if you haven’t been to a General Meeting lately? Continue reading