This school year ended a little richer for several students film makes at Ss. John Neumann and Maria Goretti High School!

The third, and final, component of the EPXStories project, which started in the spring of 2009, came to a close with the awarding of the $500 prize this summer. The stories, written as film scripts, dealt with topics ranging from the closing of the Naval Ship Yard, to the colorful personalities from South Philly’s rakish past. But the winning entry had our burgeoning movie makers writing about the local celebrities from the area. Look to our web page, in the very near future, for a link to the full scripts including the winner.

EPX is proud to co-sponsor the S. Broad St. Branch of the Philadelphia Free Library’s Summer Reading Program’s Kick-Off FACE PAINTING Party!  Bring your children to the library on Wednesday June 23rd for free face painting at 12 noon followed by a magic show at 2:00 p.m! The South Broad Street Branch located at 1700 S. Broad St (Broad and Morris Streets) has recently re-established their Friends of the Free Library chapter and EPX has been a partner with them from the start. Please consider becoming a Friend of the Free Library, and know that EPX is excited to be co-sponsoring this Summer Reading event with this energized new group.

face painting flyer

Neighbors, EPX is seeking your involvement and support in an exciting and ongoing project that we are undertaking in partnership with the East Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District (EPABID) and a local city planning and consulting firm called Planning Collective to “Reclaim Concrete” at the intersection of Passyunk, 12th and Morris. Currently a confusing and somewhat chaotic intersection, the idea is to convert unused portions of the intersection into more attractive pedestrian space, while simultaneously making it easier for motorists to navigate.

Some of you may already be familiar with ‘Reclaim Concrete’ from last week’s Flavors of the Avenue festival, where Planning Collective members were out meeting neighbors, gathering early feedback, and sharing success stories from other cities that have re-imagined similar intersections. Once grant money is in hand, Planning Collective will facilitate a community design process to determine how to program the space and what elements the neighborhood would most like to see.

Before that happens, we need to win the grant, and this is where you come in. We are seeking $50,000 for the project through Pepsi’s online grant program Refresh Everything. Pepsi is giving away a total of $20 million in 2010 to good ideas through the voter-driven program. Each month, money is awarded based on public online voting open to all U.S. residents. Voting for the East Passyunk Avenue project starts May 1st and U.S. residents can vote once a day through May 31 here. Our idea must be within the top 10 in the $50k category to receive the grant.

There is a short video about the project on Planning Collective’s website which you can watch here. We’ll be in touch throughout the month of May with occasional updates, and Planning Collective staff will be attending our meeting this Monday 5/3 to answer questions to briefly explain the project concept, answer any questions you may have, and explain the ways you can help get the vote out. We hope you’re excited to imagine the possibilities at this intersection and help us win this necessary funding.

Happy Voting!

The EPX Grants/Finance committee has won their 15th consecutive grant! This time for our Clean & Green committee.

The Hardy Plant Society/Mid-Atlantic Group is a not-for-profit volunteer organization for gardeners in the Mid-Atlantic region. We encourage gardeners – from beginners to professionals – to learn more about horticulture and to share skills, knowledge, and plants with each other.

The Hardy Plant Society has given a cash grant towards the purchase of plants for the new planters at the spruced-up gateway triangle of Passyunk and McKean! Congratulations to both the Grants/Finance committee and the Clean and Green committee for their work in this effort. Look for the evidence of this grant when the Spring plantings begin in earnest!

EPX’s Public Safety Committee passes along this helpful information from the City of Philadelphia’s Managing Director’s office!

**Philadelphia Snow Emergency @8pm Fri. Move vehicles from Snow Emergency routes 

by 8pm. Avoid travel.**  

On Friday, February 5, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. Managing Director Camille C. Barnett 

will declare a snow emergency.  All vehicles parked on Snow Emergency Routes 

must be moved to an alternate parking location by 8:00 p.m. Any vehicle 

remaining on a Snow Emergency Route during the declared Snow Emergency will be 

ticketed and towed. If your car is towed, call 215-686-SNOW for its location. Do 

NOT call 911. A list of snow emergency routes can be found at  

 If you must travel during the snow emergency, I urge you to be careful and 

patient,  said Director Barnett.  

Streets Commissioner Tolson advises residents of the Streets Department s plans 

in preparation for the snowfall this weekend. Current forecasts predict the 

snowfall to begin at about mid to late Friday afternoon with an overall 

accumulation of 12 to 20 inches.  Over 500 pieces of equipment are expected to 

be deployed as soon as there is a treatable snowfall, and approximately 34,000 

tons of salt is on hand to be used on city roadways.  

In preparation for the snow, Streets Department crews began Thursday applying a 

brine solution   a treatment process to prevent icing - to high elevation, hilly 

streets.  Over 600 operational staff are expected to be utilized during the 

storm and remain on duty through the weekend to monitor roadways.   We are 

asking motorists not to go out, unless it is absolutely necessary.  If you must 

travel, allow extra time for traveling and maintain safe driving distances.  

Please use caution when navigating over bridges and overpasses where slippery 

spots may occur,  said Commissioner Tolson.  

For successful snow and ice management, Streets Commissioner Tolson urges 

residents to follow these tips:  

- Apply any commercial de-icer on steps and sidewalks early to prevent residual 

moisture from freezing over and creating icy conditions.  

- Clear a sidewalk path at least 30  wide within 6 hours of the end of the storm 

as listed in the Philadelphia Code (10-720).   

- Clear snow from neighborhood sewer drains to allow melting snow to drain.  

- Be conscious of the environment   use de-icing salts only as much as needed. 

One pound of de-icer can cover 100 to 200 square feet.   

- Salt should be applied as soon as a light accumulation has developed on the 

surface. This will break the bond between additional accumulations and the 

pavement surface, and will make it easier to shovel.  

- A final light application of a de-icer may be required after removal is 

completed to melt the residual snow.  

- Make sure you park your car as far away from the corner as possible. Cars 

parked too close to the corner limit the turning radius of salting vehicles.    

- Stay tuned to local media for further updates.  

- Check on sick and elderly neighbors.  

To report a street in need of salting or plowing or for more information on any 

Streets Department program or service, call 3-1-1. Additional information is 

available online at

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Enjoy 2010 knowing CNBC has faith in the folks at when valuing the homes in EPX! The blessings of a healthy home value index reflect on the safety and stability of a thriving neighborhood like EPX(19148)

US real estate prices have fallen dramatically over the past year, but some parts of the country have managed to buck the trend. A new report, recently released by , highlights places that had the biggest year-over-year price increases during the third quarter. In the case of a tie, the area with the higher average home price was ranked ahead of the other area.

So with the real estate market on the mend, what are the country’s best performing zip codes this year? Click ahead to find out!

Philadelphia, Pa. (19148)

Year-over-Year Price Growth: 16.9%
Zillow Home Value Index: $164,661

EPX can end the year boasting that we have three of the finest restaurants in the city, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer!  Fond, Izumi and Lucky 13 were each in the top 25 of the paper’s top 50 list as rated my Inky food critic Craig Le Ban.  So if you can get New Year’s Eve reservations for any of these places…enjoy. Remembering that grand restaurants help to make a grand city…but  great restaurants reflex the greatest neighborhoods!  Excelsior, EPX!