Join us for our monthly zoning meeting Wednesday, January 13th at 7Pm at the East Passyunk Community Recreation Center, 1025 Mifflin Street.


1324 Moore Street
RSA-5: Permit for the erection of a one story rear area addition a-top an existing noncompliant first floor rear addition. For the legalization of the first floor addition to allow for the proposed second story r[e]ar addition.

The project manager for the CHOP development at Broad and Morris has informed EPX that curb and street replacements will require the intermittent closures of the block surrounding the project. First Morris (between Broad and 15th), then Castle (between Broad and 15th), then 15th (between Morris and Castle), and then lane(s) of Broad Street (between will be closed from 7:00AM to 3PM. Flyers have been distributed to near neighbors by the construction team. Please see them for more detail.

EPX has been informed that due to filming for footage for Wheel of Fortune, there will be limitations on parking on the 1600 block of East Passyunk as well as some spots on the west end of the 1100 block of Morris and the 1700 block of East Passyunk on October 28 until 6PM. Affected residents can park in the Acme parking lot from the night of October 27 until October 28. Flyers will soon be distributed to neighbors and cars in the area by the production company, so please see them for more details.