Monday 9/21 at 7pm will be our virtual Zoning Meeting, held via Zoom. The meeting information is as follows Meeting ID: 931 7859 7452 Passcode: 732153 or click here:

The meeting will concern BOK Seeking Variance for: Assembly / Entertainment for Space 601 and the 7th Floor West Roof (up to 300 people) Seeking Special Exception for: Auditorium for Assembly / Entertainment (up to 600 people) The presentation materials are available to preview via the link here

We highly encourage you to attend to both learn more about the current plans and to ask any questions / voice any concerns you may have.

If you have any questions regarding the use of Zoom, please address questions to:

This meeting is free and open to all. You can become a member of EPX if you live 6th to Broad, Tasker to Snyder.

We haven’t been able to host in-person meetings, but EPX has been continuing to work through the pandemic. Recently we recorded a virtual General Membership meeting, which we provide now at the regular date and time.

Please “sign in” to this meeting at to be counted and to be considered eligible to run and vote for the EPX Board.

Video of our virtual September General Membership meeting

2019 non-socially distant cleanup

Join your South Philly neighbors and Representative Liz Fiedler’s office in a socially-distanced cleanup on Saturday, September 12, 2020 from 9 am – 12 pm!

The East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association and Lower Moyamensing is hosting a cross-civic cleanup. We will be focusing on the following corridors: Snyder Avenue between Broad St and 6th St, and 10th St between Tasker Ave and Oregon Ave.

Please remember to wear gloves, a mask, and properly dispose of any sharps or needles. Information on proper sharps disposal is available in English and Spanish on this site:

We will provide bags, brooms and shovels, or BYO!

*You must bring and wear your own mask and gloves*

We’ll meet at 9 am at 10th & Snyder on Saturday, 9/12/20.

Secured trash bags may be left at the following intersections for pickup at 12 pm:

  • SW Corner of Snyder & 12th
  • SW Corner of Snyder & 10th
  • SW Corner of Snyder & 8th
  • SW Corner of Snyder & 6th
  • SW Corner of 10th & Morris
  • SW Corner of 10th & Mifflin
  • SW Corner of 10th & Wolf
  • SW Corner of 10th & Porter
  • SW Corner of 10th & Oregon

Please contact with any questions!

The East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association (“EPX”) is outraged and saddened by the killings of Black and other people of color taking place across the country.  The murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, among many others, further evidence the systemic, institutionalized, and targeted racism that is deeply rooted in our country.  We have been here before; these losses are recent reminders of the long history of racism, injustice, and discrimination in the United States.

EPX stands united with the Black community.  Our mission is to provide an easily accessible forum for all residents of the East Passyunk neighborhood to openly discuss, develop, and implement plans of action to provide innovative growth in the neighborhood while maintaining its history and character.  We cannot meet our mission in our community without affirming that Black Lives Matter.  

As we look forward to resuming in-person meetings, we are committed to strengthening efforts to diversify the attendance at EPX meetings and our community events, and within our leadership team. We will focus on holding meetings that encourage open dialogue, expanding the resources we share to further engage with our community, and diversifying our community partnerships with institutions, businesses, and organizations throughout East Passyunk Crossing. If you are interested in working with our volunteer organization on further developing and attaining these goals, please email

EPX funds supported front line workers and local businesses

In these strange times, many of us feel adrift and aren’t quite sure what to do to help others. In the first few weeks of the coronavirus, EPX donated breakfast and lunch to frontline healthcare workers at Methodist hospital and it was tremendously satisfying to know we were making a difference in a long and stressful day. We’d like to do it again and we need your help!

Please consider donating towards our cause – any amount will help! We will be using a local business to send our healthcare workers meals, so we are both providing support to our restaurants and to our broader community. EPX is a non-profit, and we are dedicated to serving our community. EPX will match up to $250 of the funds raised.

Due to current health concerns regarding the novel coronavirus covid-19 the #2020RedGravyCookoff is postponed until large gatherings are permitted again. We hope to be able to announce a fall date. Keep practicing your red gravy recipes, home cooks, and we will let you know when we are able to host this event.