There is a Community meeting next Wednesday, 6/13 which includes the 1st, 3rd, 4th and 17th Districts. It has been called due to the recent crime in the neighborhood.

What I would like to suggest is to postpone our Public Safety meeting next Tuesday and go to the Community Meeting on Wednesday, 6/13 to show our support from the 4th District. There also may be new suggestions as to what all may do to help. Continue reading

The EPX Board of Directors presented the 2006-2007 Community Service Awards for outstanding volunteer efforts to the following members at our June 4th General Membership meeting.

Anna Pittman for Membership//Margaret Kalalian for Planning & Zoning//Jeff Goldman for Clean & Green (Beatification)//Anthony  Wodjeciewski for Public Safety & Town Watch//Dave Rizzio for Community Relations

In addition the Co-Chairs of the Board honored two others with distinguished EPX Founders Awards.

Crystal Fritch, Esquire, the organization’s Pro Bono attorney who has been so instrumental in filing the Incorporation Documents for the Association, as well as assisting with the Federal and State Tax exemption process.

Cathy Caponigro who was one of the very first organizers of the small grass-roots movement that became EPX.

Each honoree received an award, smartly designed by Co-Chair Darren Fava, and a gift certificate to a local East Passyunk Avenue restaurant secured by Co-Chair Joseph F. Marino. Our thanks to Paradiso, Clementine’s and Chiarella’s for their generous support of our volunteers.

June’s General Membership meeting will be on Monday, June 4th at 7pm in the St. Agnes Continuing Care Center (northwest corner of Broad and McKean).

This month’s meeting will be focused primarily on block captains. We’re planning for an open forum discussion–and light refreshments–so whether you’re a current block captain or interested in becoming one, or just curious about what a block captain is, and does, we hope to see you tomorrow night!

We’ll also be presenting community service awards to some of our outstanding volunteers.

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EPX will soon be wrapping up our first year in existence. Looking at all the neighborhood activities and community building covered by other entries on this web site, we certainly have many good things for which to be proud, and have learned a lot through the process.

One of the areas were we have not been so successful, however has been recruiting block captains. To this end, we’ve designated the Order of the Day for our June General Membership meeting as an opportunity for fostering these much needed volunteers. We have light refreshments and open discussion from the floor regarding the role and need for a healthy and vibrant group of block captains. Whether you’re already a seasoned block captain, interested in becoming one, or simply curious about what block captains do, please come share your hopes and desires for the neighborhood, and how EPX can help, as we steer ourselves through into another year.

The Board of Directors will take this opportunity to listen to members’ concerns in this moderated forum. Bring your ideas for ‘07-’08 and enjoy some tasty baked goods donated by our membership committee. We hope to see you there.