update, planning meeting 07.25.06

update, planning meeting 07.25.06

in attendance: about a dozen folks interested in starting up specific committees/groups and brainstorming next steps

–Darren recapped a conversation he and Kathy had had with the president of the Passyunk Square group–everything from general advice, running meetings, structure, to more nitty gritty things like getting incorporated, getting board insurance, etc etc.

–talked briefly about the legal bits and how we might set up the structure of the org as far as general membership and committee projects/meetings.

–proposed boundaries (decided on tasker to snyder, broad to 9th)

–talked about name (generally everyone favors passyunk crossing, or east passyunk crossing, so decided we should put it to the larger group for a vote).

–walked through the groups of interest we have at present: zoning, governance, beautification–perhaps to be called “clean and green”!, townwatch, block captains, and proposed new one to handle commmunications/PR/web

Darren suggested immediate next steps:

1. designate one person from group to be liaison of sorts in a provisional capacity:

zoning: Carol
governance: Joe Marino
beautification: Tim Lidiak
townwatch: Kathy
blockcaptains: Maura Sostack
commmunications/pr/web: Katie Brady and Bill Cowen

2. Designated liaison/provisional chair should
–contact folks who’d signed up for each area of interest
–set a meeting for august for the group to meet
–group would self define at that meeting and discuss issues, goals, projects
–designate leadership, at least interim until some manner of elections

Then, one of the agenda items for the Sept general membership meeting, a representative from each group would report on the committee meeting, share the self definition/goals.

3. Next general membership meeting is set for Sept 11, 7pm, location to be announced.

4. Send out a general update to folks to the effect that there was a planning meeting, this is what’s happening, and folks should expect to hear from the liaisons very soon about a kick off meeting in each area of interest.

It was a productive meeting.

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