Clean & Green Meeting Highlights

Clean & Green Meeting Highlights

The first meeting of the Beautification committee, informally dubbed “Clean & Green” met Tuesday, August 22 at 6:30 at the Tolentine Community Center. 15 people were in attendance and discussed issues and potential projects surrounding clean up and beautification, and planned their next steps.


Minutes from Preliminary Meeting : Clean & Green Meeting
Tuesday, August 22, 2006, 6:30 pm
Tolentine Community Center

Problems & Issues

  • Trash on streets
    • Major problem for neighborhood residents, fosters negative/unsafe image of neighborhood
    • Collective apathy/ frustration. A few people doing a lot of work.
    • Infrequent, large scale clean-ups are great but don’t last
    • Trash often left out curb side too early, gets scattered
    • Trash is often swept into storm drains, no awareness that trash ends up on Delaware River
    • Much trash originates from commercial corridors (S. Broad St., E. Passyunk Avenue) – trash containers removed from Passyunk due to improper, personal use
    • Disconnect between businesses and residents (corner stores also contribute to litter, e.g., Joe Joe’s, by not providing trash container outside)
    • “No flier” house policies should be investigated
  • Few green or open spaces or trees, no dog park
  • Weed control is a problem, fosters unkempt image

Brain-storming Ideas

  • Create a community where all neighbors pitch in to make and keep streets and sidewalks clean
  • Educate residents on general blight of dropping litter – inspire and empower residents to do their part, that it does make a difference
  • Facilitate “greening” of neighborhood by providing leadership on tree planting, landscaping, community gardening
  • Educate residents on environmental costs & benefits of certain actions/efforts
  • Coordinate with E. Passyunk Ave BID on trash, tree planting, and safety issues as the Avenue’s success is major factor in our own success
  • Develop and enhance open space throughout South Philly – consider turning an empty lot into a dog park or other public use space.

Initial Focus

  • Contact other area neighborhood associations – learn from them:
    • How did they start? What was their initial focus?
    • Have they faced community resistance? If so, how has it been addressed?
    • What has worked and what has not?
    • Funding sources?
    • Special events
    • requency, turnout, advertising, etc.
  • Organize Initial Neighborhood Clean-up – McKean Street, 9th St – Broad St, Saturday, Oct. 21, 2006, 10:30 am – 1 pm
  • Research “Tree Planting”
    • Who to work with – Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS), TreeVitalize, City of Phila./ Fairmount Park Commission, Citizens Alliance, UC Green, E. Passyunk Avenue BID
    • Contact/interview John C. and Rocco, landscape organizer from Mifflin Street
  • Consider Pilot Tree Planting Project – March 2007
    • Goal – plant 10-25 trees
    • PHS is selling bare root trees for $20/tree
    • Orders must be placed by Nov. 1, 2006, trees delivered in March 2007
    • Investigate local interest in trees
  • Encourage attendance at PHS Tree Tenders Training in Fall 2006 (free)
  • Think through how we can best organize Committee members to follow through on suggestions from meeting

Action Items

  1. Organize McKean Street Clean-up
    • Contact Art (TownWatch – 215-686-3040) and Cit. Alliance for support
    • Joe to provide donuts/coffee
    • Inform McKean St leadership
    • Contact 4th District Police
    • Invite additional area leaders
  2. Announce Tree Tenders Training for Fall 2006 at 9/11 Meeting
  3. Announce Pilot Tree Planting for Spring 2007 at 9/11 Meeting
  4. Develop Mission Statement
    • Evelina and Robert R. to draft initial ideas for discussion at next meeting
  5. Tim Lidiak to serve as Interim Committee Chair, until Board election
  6. Next Meeting – Monday, Oct. 2, 7 pm, please contact us for location (
    • Tim to distribute draft agenda
    • Invite Tree Tenders from Passyunk Square Civic Association

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