RECYCLING! Don’t forget to put out your recyclables!

RECYCLING! Don’t forget to put out your recyclables!

Recycling is the law in Philadelphia. The city has a great website that talks about the how and why of recycling in Philadelphia: Check it out!

The city picks up recycling curbside every other week. Here’s how to find out when to put your recycling out:

1) Find out whether you’re in a BLUE or GREEN neighborhood here: Area Map (or download the PDF file.)

2) Check the the BLUE schedule or the GREEN schedule to find when to put out your recyclables. Print it out and stick it on your fridge!

3) On recycling day, put your recycling (glass, cans aluminum and paper) outside, next to your trash, for pick up.

At this point the city does not pick up plastics curbside. There are several groups around the city which have organized bi-weekly drop off locations for plastics, as well as other household recyclables. See for more information about drop off locations.

A recent study by city officials showed that increasing recycling rates in Philadelphia could save the city’s taxpayers more than $17 million.

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