October General Membership Meeting, Location & Agenda

October General Membership Meeting, Location & Agenda

Reminder that the next General Membership meeting will be held on Monday, October 2, 2006 at St. Agnes Continuing Care facility at 7pm.

St. Agnes is on the southwest corner of Broad and McKean (see map). We’ll meet in the auditorium, the doors to which are just off the security guard station which is directly inside the main entrance at Board and McKean streets.

There will be another opportunity for neighbors new to the association to become voting members so please bring proof of residency if you haven’t already signed up!

The following is the proposed agenda for the October 2, 2006 General Membership meeting:

Call To Order

Approval of Agenda

Approval of 09-11-06General Membership Meeting Minutes

Officer Reports
Board of Director Co-Chairs – Darren/Joseph
Recording Secretary – Maura
Corresponding Secretary – Rob
Treasurer – Millie

Standing Committee Reports
Beautification – Tim
Community Relations – Bill
Membership – Jo
Public Safety – Robert
Zoning – Shawn

At-Large Board Member Reports
Communications – Katie
Political Liaison – D’Arcy
Others as needed

Old Business
Bylaws Status
Membership Sign-up – 9/18
Sub-Committee chairs appointments

Order of the Day

New Business
Cavaliere Foundation funds
Zoning Commission meeting – 9/26
Press Release
Call for Zoning Committee Members
Others as needed

PCA future presentation
Others as needed