Zoning Meeting: Wednesday, November 14 @ 7PM

Zoning Meeting: Wednesday, November 14 @ 7PM

The December Zoning Meeting will be held Wednesday, December 14th at 7pm at the East Passyunk Community Center at 1025 Mifflin Street. Open to the public.


1146 Mckean St (RSA-5): Permit for use as a day care center on the first floor in the same building with previously approved single family household living on second floor.

1222 Morris St (RSA-5): Permit for three (3) family dwelling in and existing structure.

1711 S 8th St (RSA-5): Permit for a personal services (hair dresser) on the first floor with other uses in the building as previously approved.

634 Tasker St (RSA-5): Permit for the legalization of a multi family household living (Three (3) family household living) in an existing structure.