Greening efforts

Wish you had a tree to shade your house these hot hot summer days? Interested in learning to install a window box and keep it healthy and luxurious? Request a street tree or container evergreen of your own from the city!

Read more about the Fairmount Parks Commission street tree information. And if you are interested in a street tree on your property download the form to request a new tree here. (rolling application) In terms of larger scale tree-planting projects, keep an eye on this space for news and how to get involved in our own greening-efforts.

Why plant trees? Read more about it! Trees muffle sounds, clean the air, absorb water, cool temperatures, look pretty, and soothe the eye. And they raise property values. Contrary to popular myth, they don’t strangle pipes or heave sidewalks (though already damaged sewers and inappropriate sized trees can contribute to existing problems.) Right tree right place!

Finally, do you have a green thumb? Interested in learning more about trees and how to care for them in our city? Become a TreeTender. The Fairmount Park Commission and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) have been running this educational and community building project for since 1993. The project aims to address concerns of residents about urban trees through education, hands on learning, and putting local volunteers in contact with each other. Twice a year, Philadelphia residents can take a free basic training course which teaches general tree-care, organization-building skills and grant writing. Today, there are 1,400 Tree Tenders representing nearly 100 groups who have planted over 6,000 trees and have assumed are responsible for the basic ongoing maintenance of 10,000 more.

Contact Info: Tel 215-988-8800 | E-mail:

Location: The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
100 N. 20th Street – 5th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103

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