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Single Stream Curbside Recycling

For more information about recycling visit the Philadelphia Recycling Office recycling

1) GET A BIN: Get a bin (any sturdy plastic or metal container that holds 20 gallons or less) and mark it with the word “RECYCLING” on its side. For more information about recycling bins or how to get a blue bin from the City click here.

2) START COLLECTING: Beginning December 3, 2007, South Philadelphia and Center City joined 216,000 Northeast, Southwest and West Philadelphia residents in Single Stream Recycling – being able to set out all recyclables, glass, cans, mixed paper, flattened cardboard, and #1 and #2 plastic containers into one container for curbside pickup.

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3) PUT RECYCLING OUT ON SCHEDULE: As of January 5, 2009, recycling is now picked up weekly, on the same day as trash day! To find when your pickup day is, follow the steps outlined here.


A recent study by city officials showed that increasing recycling rates in Philadelphia could save the city’s taxpayers more than $17 million!

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