About Us

The boundaries of the East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association span Broad to 6th Streets and Tasker Street to Snyder Avenue. We aim to provide an avenue for our neighborhood to have voice and visibility in how the community develops and to bring folks together who have an interest in improving the quality of life in our public spaces, while celebrating the diverse and vibrant character of the neighborhood. We hope to provide a forum to share information about services, events, and news of interest and impact to our area.

Mission Statement

Out mission is to organize a routinely available and easily accessible forum where all residents of the East Passyunk Crossing neighborhood can openly discuss, develop, and implement plans of action to promote innovative growth in the neighborhood while maintaining its history and character by:

  • cultivating clean, safe, sustainable, and well-planned streets and shared outdoor space
  • fostering community participation in public discourse and access to public services
  • encouraging friendly, productive relationships among residents and between residents and businesses
  • providing charitable and educational outreach in the community

EPX Boundaries Map

EPX Boundary Map

Public Meetings

General Membership Meetings are on the first Monday of the month at 7pm. We meet at the East Passyunk Crossing Community Recreation Center at 1025 Mifflin Street.

Board of Directors

January 2020 – December 2020

Executive Officers

Leon Malloy (President)
Ellen Kita (Vice President)
Anna Reed (Recording Secretary)
Samantha Gross (Corresponding Secretary)
Chelsea Conway (Treasurer)
Stephanie Dellavallentina (Assistant Treasurer)

Committee Chairs

Emily Gowen (Beautification)
Sequoia Medley (Events Chair )
Tom Lombardi (Zoning/Planning)

At-Large Board Members

Adam Baldwin
Bruce Benjamin
Maureen Brown
Darren Fava
Bill Grubb


  • EPX Corporate Bylaws (original draft ratified by vote 9/18/06, revisions presented to membership 2/4/08 and current version amended 12/2/19)