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EPX spans Broad to 6th, Tasker to Snyder and aims to provide a forum for our neighborhood to have voice and visibility in how the community develops, to bring folks together who have an interest in improving the quality of life in our public spaces, while celebrating the diverse and vibrant character of the neighborhood.

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Latest News and Events

TONIGHT: Wednesday, July 23 Zoning Meeting

TONIGHT, July 23rd, join us at 7PM for our July zoning meeting at Neuman Goretti’s Media Libray (Room 211) at 7PM. Agenda:

1928 E Passyunk Avenue: Variance for takeout restaurant
2019 S 13th St: Legalization of duplex
2037 S 10th: Lot subdivision and non-accessory parking

Broad and Morris CHOP Update

A message from CHOP regarding the development at Broad and Morris:
Dear Neighbor,

Planning is underway for site preparation and demolition of 1700 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145.

We are committed to keeping our neighbors fully informed throughout this process. To that end, the following actions will be taking place starting Friday, June 27:

Security Guard:

A guard shack will be erected and a security guard will be on site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week starting on Friday morning June 27.

Construction Fence:

The construction fence will start to be erected around the perimeter of the site on Friday morning, June 27. This should be complete and the site secured by Tuesday afternoon, July 1.
Construction equipment on site associated with building the fence will consist of: a small drilling rig, construction/delivery trucks.
Abatement Activities:

Abatement activities are scheduled to start Monday morning, June 30.
All abatement will be performed in accordance with municipal, state, and federal law.
The windows and fascia of the Health Center will be removed to facilitate the abatement activities. A temporary plywood exterior wall will be built in front of the existing wall before this occurs.
Equipment on site associated with abatement activities are: air filtration devices (within building/enclosures), forklift, secured box trailer for loading waste, secured trash dumpster
Debris will be removed from the site each day.

At this time, no street parking will be lost by the erection of the fence or the abatement activities.
The contractors will only park on the worksite.
SEPTA Stop, Subway Entrance and Newspaper Stand:

The SEPTA stop, subway entrance and newspaper stand will remain open.

Immediate questions or concerns regarding the site preparation and abatement will be responded to by:

Calling: 267-426-6904

Emailing: CHOPCommunity@email.chop.edu

This is a dedicated email set up for neighbors to communicate with CHOP during this process. We appreciate your feedback, and will continue to communicate further developments as the project moves forward.


The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

July 21: Meet and Greet at Urban Jungle

Come to Urban Jungle on Monday, July 21 at 7PM to meet your neighbors and enjoy treats from the Vegan Commissary!

EPX Clean Up Day – Saturday, July 26

Join the EPX Beatification Committee on Saturday, July 26 at 9AM to help clean up the neighborhood!


EPX Summer Meet & Greets SAVE THE DATES

The first Summer “Meet and Greet” of 2014 will be held on Sunday, June 29th from 3-6pm at Fountain Porter! (1601 S. 10th Street)

July will see EPX at Urban Jungle (1526 E. Passyunk Avenue) with food provided by the Vegan Commissary, Monday July 21st 7-9!!!

August will see Little Babies Ice Cream deliver to EPX some of their sweetest treats…where and when to follow soon.

Join your friends and neighbors at these events and talk to leaders of YOUR civic and help drive the direction of the committees that drive the civic!


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