The Historical Society of Pennsylvania’s Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies is sponsoring PhilaPlace! A project for organizations with interesting Philly stories to share.  The Balch Institute in launching PhilaPlace, an interactive website that connects stories to places across time in Philly’s neighborhoods to create an enduring record of the city’s heritage.  PhilaPlace will feature text, audio and video clips, photos, historical documents, and maps.  Members of the Board of EPX recently spent hours sorting and archiving records towards this end and to create a permanent record of the association!  EPX in collaborate with other institutions, community organizations, and individuals will share in telling the history and culture of Philadelphia neighborhoods. 

Some of the guiding questions the EPX archives submission will include, when completed, are:

  • What and who is your organization?
  • What is its history and when did it begin?
  • Where are you located and how long have you been at this location? 
  • Share a particular story about your organization’s relationship to the neighborhood or an event that involves your org. that contributes to the fabric of the neighborhood’s story.  Provide who, what, where, when details.

Look to this website, in the near future, for more info., go to:

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