Prom Night is a big deal in a teenager’s life. And it’s one of the priciest! Even more so when the economy is in a shambles and jobs are hard to find. As prom season approaches, lots of teens (and their parents) are stressing over how to make the big night magical on a shoestring budget. But, OMG, skimp on the dress? Are you serious?

Well, this year you could find that Cinderella dress, and ALL accesories, at a bargain price at Goodwill’s “Prom Party” dress sale the weekend of March 31st/April 1st.

BUT Goodwill needs your help! In order to sell these dresses, shoes, bags, etc at a dicounted price, they must first be donated to Goodwill! So clean out those closets and donate your last year’s couture, bridesmaids gowns, and your own old prom dresses on FRIDAY, March 30 from 11 -7 at Etc., Thrift (Southeast Corner 12th & McKean) or at the Goodwill Store at 2601 S. Front Street! 

Your donatiosn are tax-deductable for you and the money from any dress purchased from Goodwill will go toward helping the nonprofit’s mission of providing education, training and job services for disadvantaged or disabled people.



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