Governance Meeting Highlights

Governance Meeting Highlights

An Initial Meeting of the Association’s Governance Committee occurred on 8/8 at the Tolentine Community Center. Several members of the committee were present and several additional members submitted issues for discussion by email.

The committee appointed acting chair Joseph F. Marino the interim chair of the committee by acclamation. He will serve until an official Board of Directors is elected.

The primary focus of the meeting was the discussion of the proposed draft of Association Bylaws generated by Mr. Marino from sources provided by the City of Philadelphia and other area civic groups.

After routine issues of grammar and printing were addressed, several substantive items including but not limited to the following were discussed.

1. Membership renewal as regards meeting quorum size.
2. Email as an acceptable form of correspondence and notice.
3. Board of Director terms of office.
4. Membership and Board of Director requirements.
5. Official representative status for all Corporate Communication.

An updated draft will be submitted to the de facto organizing committee at their August 28th meeting and the final draft will be submitted to the General Membership prior to their September 11th meeting. This will be posted on our web page.

Mr. Marino also reported on his efforts to secure Pro Bono legal representation for the Association who will file Articles of Incorporation, secure an E.I.N. for Non-Profit banking status and acquire paperwork towards establishing 501C4 Non-Profit tax status for the Corporation.

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