Townwatch Meeting Notes

Townwatch Meeting Notes

An initial meeting of the Town Watch committee occurred on 8/15/2006 at the Tolentine Center. More than a dozen people showed up to express their interest in forming the Town Watch, with others indicating they could not make it but would be involved later. Discussion centered on the definition of what a Town Watch should be. Some have been involved before while others have not. All agreed that Town Watch should be a helpful hand in the reduction of crime and improvement in the quality of life in our neighborhoods. The group would be a visible presence and a communication link between the police and neighbors. It is also a great way to meet your neighbors.

Set up focused on the need for training. Those not trained will be updated with the next set of training dates as soon as they are available. Ideas were put forth to pair groups with similar interests. There would be a patrol schedule calendar with sign ups for the month and desired days to match everyone’s schedule. Art Potts from the City of Philadelphia who also conducts the training was there to answer questions.

There was discussion that all involved would start talking with their neighbors to see who was interested in Town Watch and to bring more people to the main meeting on Monday, September 11, 2006.

Overall, all involved seemed positive in saying this was a great step in getting the Association up and running.

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