Mural Arts in EPX

Help find a location for a mural!
Mural Arts Philadelphia is searching for a building be the location for a new mural part of the project “We Will Write the World ” centered on increasing childhood literacy by encouraging playful learning through public art. As part of this work, Mural Arts is looking for walls near schools or neighborhoods populated with young children. This project would be of no cost to you, all that is asked is to use the space available on the exterior of your building. Preferably a small ground-level space visible to children. The above mural was designed by Manuela Guillén with artwork and stories contributed by children at Kirkbride Elementary. The design can be made more horizontal or vertical depending on the wall. Ideally, this would be a bit larger than 12 ft.

if you or someone you know, ideally near Kirkbride, but anywhere in our neighborhood, has an available wall, please reach out to Lili Razi, Mural Arts or reach out with any questions.

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