Gratitude and Excitement: EPX’s Board Transition

As we say goodbye to 2023, the East Passyunk Crossing (EPX) Civic Association wants to say a huge thanks to our outgoing board members for the amazing work they’ve done. Meghan Walter, Zack Goodwin, Julie Hansen, Maureen Brown, and Samantha Gross have been key players in shaping our community, and we can’t thank them enough.

These outgoing board members have been the driving force behind positive changes in East Passyunk Crossing. Their dedication to engaging with the community, supporting neighbors, promoting sustainability, and fostering inclusivity has left a lasting impact on our neighborhood.

While expressing our gratitude to those moving on, we’re also excited to welcome back the returning board members: Bruce Benjamin, Denise Marx, Sequoia Medley, Daria Silvestro, Brandon Tubby, Victoria Lenoci, Andrew Sciolla, Terren Proctor, Darren Fava, and Sara Strickland. Your continued commitment is crucial to keeping EPX thriving.

And a warm welcome to the new faces joining the board: Michael Ceriello, Adam Leiter, Andrew Ledva, Kevin McNeal, and Caroline Peri. Your fresh perspectives and enthusiasm bring a burst of energy to EPX, and we can’t wait to see the awesome things we’ll achieve together.

To our outgoing board members – Meghan Walter, Zack Goodwin, Julie Hansen, Maureen Brown, and Samantha Gross – you’ve been absolute stars. Thanks for your dedication and hard work; you’ve made EPX a better place. To our returning and incoming board members, thank you for committing to making East Passyunk Crossing an even cooler home. Here’s to an exciting 2024 for EPX! ????

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